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Partnership anouncement March 2011

The companies COSYTEC and SIR Dr. John have made a partnership agreement as continuation of the former partnership between COSYTEC and SIR Plan. The main objective of the cooperation is to make available the technology -, development -, and process knowledge of both companies and the basic CHIP-technology developed by COSYTEC for companies in Germany.

Using the CHIP system, powerful decision support systems (e.g. for planning, process management, scheduling, configuration, and optimization) can be build for several application fields such as logistics, production, energy and media industry.
In addition to joint development projects, SIR Dr. John will make available "German-speaking" customization, rollout and maintenance of CHIP-based products in Germany and in other "German-speaking countries".

SIR Dr. John UG
SIR Dr. John UG is a German IT- and consulting company based in Berlin which offers services especially in the fields “complex processes” and “information management”. SIR Dr. John UG has a strong background in the field of knowledge-based and constraint-based applications – among them CHIP-based applications - originated from a lot of fruitful application, consulting and research projects in more than 15 years. Application and consulting areas of the company members can be found for instance in the fields Automotive, Transportation and Aviation.

COSYTEC S.A. is a highly specialized French Software company based in Orsay/Paris. COSYTEC offers Products and Services based on Constraint Programming Technology for solving highly Complex Problems in Resources Management & Optimization.
COSYTEC's products are used in 25 countries all over the world. Its prestigious references include world-class firms from a wide variety of business sectors.

CHIP V5, the core product of COSYTEC, is the 2nd Generation of Constraint Programming tool. It offers the technology of Global Constraints and provides the world's most advanced Constraint Solving system. It was successfully used to build very efficient industrial planning and scheduling applications.

OPTI-CHANNEL is a software package for optimized planning of resources and activities, especially dedicated for the Broadcasting companies.

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